About Us

Paramount Merchandise Co Ltd is established as a general merchandising wholesale company focused in bringing reliable, dependable and quality products for the market needs. Our aim is to sell all these products at the most competitive prices. In addition to that, it is our goal to deliver the most efficient and most effective services that meet their specific needs.
For over 20 years, Paramount Merchandise Co Ltd has been one of the most trusted importing and wholesaling business. Our product scopes include everyday necessities, kitchen consumables, household cleaning, baking accessories, stationery and a whole lot more to a broad range of clients that include discount outlet, hardware chain stores, supermarket chain, convenience stores and commercial clients.
Every product is also carefully picked, tested or designed (packaging) by a group of passionate people. Now, as one of the leading and trusted importers in New Zealand, we will manage to bring out the best value from around the world to customers. We also look for global representations of our quality, dependable and reliable products.
We are also fully equipped with the supplies imported from our sources to meet the specific needs of people. We have our wide range of services and products with an efficient and well-trained work force. The hardworking and efficient team made by our company will promise growth in just a short period of time.
With a reasonable large stock turnover, we believe that this will enable us to become different from the rest. The impressive thing about us is that our sales team is available and works with imports a lot easier and faster. We also provide for the most competitive shipping rates and we have our dependable shipping department to help clients make their orders cost-effective and easy.